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We are heartbroken with the outbreak of wildfires over the recent years, in countries like Australia, Canada, and the US. Seeing these poor animals (especially baby koalas) all over the news, losing their homes & families has really hit home with us.

We are raising awareness on reforestation, we believe more people need to know about the horrors going on with our friends across the sea. We are truly heartbroken at the amount of innocent lives lost. The more people that hear about our cause, the better.

Our goals are to replant Australia following the wildfires that have happened over 2020. In this awful year Australia saw one of the worst wildfires spreading over 32,000 square miles whilst losing the precious lives of over 3 billion animals. Our mission is to provide a home for these poor animals. With the purchase of your bracelet or necklace we are planting one tree which will grow into a  new home for the innocent wildlife. 

We plant a variety of Australian tree species, with a huge focus on Eucalyptus trees. Eucalyptus leaves are the main source of a Koala's diet, and is essential to their survival.

People that wear our bracelet, our purchase Cooper the Koala are spreading awareness for the movement on reforestation.


Trees are the life of our world. Trees give us clean air,
and a home for all the animals living on our planet. The effects of deforestation and wildfires are very unsettling for some people, and we feel like we needed to do our part and help out. With the trees we will be planting, we are giving back homes to desperate animals.

Over the last few decades, people have been seeing the effects of deforestation with their own eyes.

With less tress, people are starting to see the effects of climate change and it is a serious problem. Did you know the trees around you absorb up to 48 pounds of carbon dioxide from our planet. 20% of the worlds oxygen is produced in the amazon rainforest alone 

We only have one planet, we only get one shot at this. Let's Regrow, and save our world

So.. what are we doing about it?

We have created handmade eco friendly bracelets in order to make more people aware of global reforestation. The more eyes on deforestation the more we can save our planet for the future

🌲For every bracelet we sell we will plant one tree on your behalf.🌲


Every item purchased plants one tree.

Your tree will be planted in a wildfire damaged region of Australia.

Help save Australia.

Recent wildfires have been a major problem for Countries such as Canada, the US, and Australia.

Every year over 1 billion animals are killed due to wildfire.

Help us prevent that.

30 Day return guarantee.

No questions asked.